The truth about pet cancer and the epidemic that no one talks about

Thursday, March 22, 2018 by

Pets and humans have more in common than you think. They form strong bonds with other pets and humans. They have personal preferences when it comes to toys and food. They can appreciate the simple joy of doing nothing all day. And just like us, our pets can also get cancer.

This isn’t just a terrifying idea but a very harsh – and very common – reality. One in five cats will develop cancer during their lifetime, while one in four dogs will go through the same ordeal. This means that dogs get cancer at roughly the same rate that humans do. In fact, in the U.S. alone, cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death among dogs. But regardless of whether you have a dog or cat, there’s a high chance that they can get skin cancer, bladder cancer, bone cancer, or lymphoma, just like we do.

If your pet exhibits any of the following signs, then they may have the big C:

  • Abnormal discharge, like pus or blood
  • Bathroom habit changes
  • Bloated abdomen
  • Bumps and lumps
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Limping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Non-healing sores and wounds
  • Offensive body odors
  • Sudden weight loss

Luckily, pets have access to many of the same treatment options available to humans — yes, even the organic ones. That’s another truth. Or rather, The Truth About Pet Cancer.

Ty Bollinger, co-founder of The Truth About Cancer, is proud to present this enlightening and innovative seven-part miniseries on the epidemic that continues to claim the lives of pets all over the world. On April 4, 2018, he will be joined by animal health specialists, veterinary oncologists, and holistic veterinarians. All of them are eager to share with you the therapies and treatments that are rescuing pets from a fate they never deserved.

These answers are yours to uncover at no cost. That’s right; every single one of the seven episodes will be yours to watch without charge. You just need to sign up today to reserve a spot and become part of a health and wellness journey like nothing else before.

Remember the date: April 4, 2018. Register before then and save yourself a seat for The Truth About Pet Cancer. This is an eye-opening docu-series you and your pet won’t want to miss. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the epidemic that needs to be talked about.


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